Yvette Jackson Interview: Equity Among Students

Personalized Learning is all about making it personal. The commitment Yvette Jackson describes necessitates a classroom and school culture where every student has voice (one of the four attributes) and that voice shapes all aspects of school including curriculum, assessment, instructional design, evaluation of learning.

Although that sounds like an idea that we all aim for, making it happen in our classrooms today is complicated. It means a change in our instructional practices that focus on the issue of equity so that we find a way to provide opportunities for all students to identify their unique gifts and talents.

Watch our interview with Yvette and read the article that inspired the focus of the interview!

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Scott Brown
6 years ago

For those who are interested, I strongly recommend a new book release: Polinar and Benson, Teaching the Whole Teen, Corwin, 2017. It provides SEL research and strategies to promote teenager resilience and success in school and life. A great resources for book study and PLC work.

Wendy Espinoza Cotta
5 years ago
Reply to  Scott Brown

Thank you for mentioning the book. It looks like it can truly support teachers in planning how to meet the needs of teens!